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Dr. Janet Grimes

Dr. Janet Grimes, a Family Physician from Boston, USA, volunteered her services at FSB from October 29th, 2015, to May 8th, 2016.  During her stay Dr. Grimes played an active role in promoting the clinic’s activities through establishment of relationships with local Tibetan communities and other NGO’s, including Rokpa and Shanti Sewa Griha.  Dr. Grimes also examined patients at FSB and assessed the needs of the clinic.  With her help, FSB was able to build a relationship with the National Reference Laboratory for laboratory investigations not currently performed at FSB.  Dr. Grimes also volunteered her physician services in Boudha, Nayabasti, where victims of the April 2015 earthquake from Sindhupalchoke were living in temporary shelters.  Dr. Grimes’ contributions and presence at FSB was very meaningful for promotion of the clinic and it’s activities.