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Medical Outpatient Center

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Sandy Shergill & Laura Parker

Sandy and Laura, students from Simon Fraser University, Canada, arrived at FSB to complete volunteer internships on February 15th, 2016.  Sandy volunteered at the clinic until April 29th, 2016, and Laura volunteered at the clinic until May 7th, 2016.  They participated in many of the clinic’s activities and presented an observation report. Both Sandy and Laura were very instrumental in establishing a relationship between Simon Fraser University and FSB.  With sponsorship from Sandy, FSB was able to host a Free Health Services Camp on March 19th, 2016, in the community of Sundarijal. Both students also participated in a training program for nursing students completing their clinic observations at FSB, presenting on subjects such as basic hygiene, sanitation, and health ethics. Their services and active participation is highly appreciated.