If you are interested in any of the below volunteer opportunities, please contact FSB’s Executive Director, Sanjaya Basnyat, at info@fsbnepal.org for more information.

Volunteering at our Clinic

Whether you reside in Nepal or in another country, we can arrange short- and long-term volunteer opportunities at our clinic. FSB welcomes driven individuals with diverse experiences, skills and knowledge in areas including medicine, health promotion, social work, media, computer science and more. Volunteering with us offers a wealth of opportunities for creativity, individuality, personal growth and experiencing the Nepali culture! We can work with your interests and personal goals to create a unique volunteer experience that would benefit both you and FSB.

Volunteering from Abroad

Since we are a non-profit and non-governmental organization, we rely on donations and grant partnerships for the maintenance and growth of the clinic. This includes hosting free Health Camps, hiring more nurses and doctors, purchasing advanced medical equipment, and developing new clinic programs, to name a few. If you are interested in lending a helping hand to our organization from the comfort of your own country, we currently have the following projects needing assistance.

I. Fundraise to host your own Health Camp at FSB:

Our clinic aims to host an annual Health Camp, a 1-day event where we provide free medical care to impoverished community members who are unable to afford even our lowered rates. With 29% of the country’s population falling below the poverty line, this event alone makes a significant impact on many people’s lives.

At the Health Camp, patients will be assessed by our qualified doctors, nurses, and/or laboratory and medical imaging technicians. Patients of all ages will have full access to services including consultations, antenatal care, vaccinations, electrocardiograph recordings, X-rays and ultrasound imaging, all free of charge. In past years, health camps have provided medical care to 300+ people in a single day!

Donations will cover the costs of our healthcare practitioners and support staff, laboratory testing materials, medical imaging equipment, vaccines, medications, and administration/promotional supplies. The Health Camp will be administered once $1000 USD has been reached.

II. Fundraise for a new X-ray machine:

Our current X-ray machine is extremely outdated and has limited functions. At present, our X-ray technician must insert an x-ray film within a cassette, place the cassette behind the body part being imaged, develop the film with chemicals in a darkroom, and hang the film outside to dry prior to being interpreted by one of our doctors. A new digital X-ray machine would allow films to be produced in a more timely manner and present less of a hazard to our X-ray technician. An increase in the clarity of images will allow doctors to make more accurate diagnoses thereby improving patient care and satisfaction.

Since Nepal’s government prohibits the reuse of old medical equipment, we are hoping to acquire brand new appliances. At present, we have the following in mind:

  • 500mA X-Ray Machine AMS-525 / FC/MT (500mA, 100KVP, X-Ray Machine with Floor to Ceiling Stand and Multi-Position Table)
  • Konica Sigma Laser Imager (45 sheets / hour in 14×17” size)

The cost for the above machinery is 2,100,000 NRs, or $19,000 USD.

Internship Opportunities

We offer internship opportunities with school credits to students looking to gain work experience in a field relating to their educational studies. Positions can be customized to suit the academic interests of the student and/or the requirements of the university. There are internship possibilities for areas in health promotion, women’s health, children’s health, global health, and more. Depending on your qualifications, your placement with us may include observational, practical and/or research experience. If you have a project in mind that is applicable to both your studies and our clinic’s mission, we would love to hear from you.