Being a non-profit organization, FSB relies on the generosity of our partners and donors to continue offering subsidized care to the underprivileged communities of Nepal. Individuals and institutions who are interested in supporting our work can make a contribution via wire transfer to our account.

Bank Account Name: Friends of Shanta Bhawan Nepal

Bank Account No: 04-01-01-10092-01


Beneficiary Bank: Nabil Bank Ltd. Jorpati Branch, Jorpati, Kathmandu, Nepal


While donations can support the general sustainability of our clinic in terms of allowance for staff, building rent, and supplies/equipment for our various clinic departments, the following are specific areas in need of funding. Donors can specify an area they would like to sponsor, or make a general donation where FSB administration will determine the best allocation for the funds.

Health Camps | $1,000 USD

Our clinic aims to host an annual Health Camp, a 1-day event where we provide free medical care to impoverished community members who are unable to afford even our lowered rates. With 29% of the country’s population falling below the poverty line, this event alone makes a significant impact on many people’s lives.

At the Health Camp, patients will be assessed by our qualified doctors, nurses, and/or laboratory and medical imaging technicians. Patients of all ages will have full access to services including consultations, antenatal care, vaccinations, electrocardiograph recordings, X-rays and ultrasound imaging, all free of charge. In past years, health camps have provided medical care to 300+ people in a single day!

Donations will cover the costs of our healthcare practitioners and support staff, laboratory testing materials, medical imaging equipment, vaccines, medications, and administration/promotional supplies. The Health Camp will be administered once $1,000 USD has been reached.

X-Ray Machine | $19,000 USD

Our current 2012 X-ray machine is extremely outdated and has limited functions. At present, our X-ray technician must insert an x-ray film within a cassette, place the cassette behind the body part being imaged, develop the film with chemicals in a darkroom, and hang the film outside to dry prior to being interpreted by one of our doctors.

A new digital X-ray machine would allow films to be produced in a more timely manner and present less of a hazard to our X-ray technician. An increase in the clarity of images will allow doctors to make more accurate diagnoses thereby improving patient care and satisfaction.

Since Nepal’s government prohibits the reuse of old medical equipment, we are hoping to acquire brand new appliances. At present, we have in mind the following:

  • 500mA X-Ray Machine AMS-525 / FC/MT (500mA, 100KVP, X-Ray Machine with Floor to Ceiling Stand and Multi-Position Table)
  • Konica Sigma Laser Imager (45 sheets/hour in 14×17” size)

The cost for the above equipment is 2,100,000 NRs, or $19,000 USD.