Health is a basic right to each human being, and FSB’s mission is to provide the best possible patient-centered medical services to all individuals. We hope to achieve this by promoting health care – with excellence in quality, service, and access – at affordable costs to our neighborhoods. With a vision to work as a multi-tiered organization, FSB stands in solidarity with our local and international partners to protect health rights and the safety of our Nepalese communities.


  1. To provide free medical care to the poorest of the poor, and subsidized rates of treatment to low-income patients.
  2. To reduce socioeconomic barriers to healthcare for marginalized populations in Northeast Kathmandu by making this center accessible to all.
  3. To provide family planning services, and support the birth control policies and programs of the Government of Nepal.
  4. To provide antenatal and postnatal services and education to mothers.
  5. To provide basic immunizations to children in accordance with the National Immunization Program of the Government of Nepal.
  6. To control and minimize current disease epidemics in the working areas of the organization.
  7. To increase awareness among target groups about hygiene, nutrition, disease transmission, and sexual and reproductive health.
  8. To reduce the prevalence of tuberculosis in the working areas of the organization in line with the National DOTS Program of the Government of Nepal.