Executive Director | Sanjaya Singh Basnyat

Sanjaya has been working at FSB for 27 years and manages the operations of the clinic. With a degree in Economics and English from Tribhuvan University, he attends to the budget and finds funding for the maintenance and expansion of the clinic, including medical equipment. Sanjaya also recruits staff and student volunteers, and forms partnerships with different global organizations to help the clinic continue to grow. What Sanjaya finds most rewarding is seeing the smiles of the patients.


Our experienced physicians are committed to providing quality care to patients of all backgrounds and medical needs.

Medical Director | Dr. Shyam K. Shrestha

Dr. Shyam is a general practitioner and has been working at FSB for more than 7 years. As the Medical Director, he also oversees the clinic’s medical department. He earned his Medical Doctorate degree from Tribhuvan University and  holds a Masters Degree in Public Health. Aside from consulting patients and providing treatment, he also conducts abdominal and obstetric ultrasounds. Dr. Shyam is passionate about treating patients with a wide range of illnesses, especially those who may not have been able to afford healthcare elsewhere.

Women’s Health Specialist | Dr. Laxmi Regmi (Luitel)

Dr. Laxmi has been a general practitioner at FSB for more than 3 years and earned her Medical Doctorate degree from Weifang University, China. Her interests lie in women’s health and with her vast knowledge about the female body. She is passionate about working with women and being able to provide specialised care and comfort to her patients.


Our nurses administer all vaccinations at the clinic. They also perform minor surgical procedures, electrocardiography (ECG) testing and antenatal check ups. They further provide contraceptive advice, nebulizer therapy and tuberculosis treatment.

ANM Nurse | Thakchi Sherpa

Thakchi holds an Axilliary Nurse Midwifery (ANM) Diploma. She likes how she is able to connect with community members on a more personal level, and feels that she shares the same views as many of the patients.

Nurse | Shanti  Karki

Shanti holds an Axillary Nurse Midwifery (ANM) Diploma from the Bhaktapur Training Center. She loves applying her education and knowledge to the work she does at the clinic, while helping treat patients by providing them with the best care possible.


Our laboratory technicians collect, prepare, analyze and interpret patient samples through various laboratory techniques.

Head Technician | Dipendra Kumar Yadav

Dipendra has been working at FSB for more than 12 years and has a Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory as well as a Master of Science in Clinical Biochemistry. He was first introduced to the clinic as an intern, where he fell in love with the team and the patient community. He has since then been working here! He enjoys being able to apply his skills while helping those in need.

Lab Technician | Karna Bahadur Magar

Karna is new member of FSB Nepal. He has recently joined FSB as a lab technician. His love towards his job can be seen in the way he treats the patients.


X-Ray Technician + DOTS Specialist | Nisha Sharma

With an Intermediate Degree in Education and Dark Room Assistant training, Nisha has worked at FSB for more than 7 years and administers all x-rays. This includes preparing the patient, taking the images and developing the films. She has also received training in Directly Observed Treatment, Short-Course (DOTS) to oversee our tuberculosis patients. Nisha loves being able to provide proper treatment to people of lower income. It makes her happy that all people can have the opportunity to receive care regardless of how much money they have.

Pharmacy Secretary | Menuka Katwal

Having worked here for more than 19 years as a pharmacy secretary, Menuka provides patients with medication and instructions of proper usage as per their written prescription. She also takes payment and tracks inventory. She loves being able to serve the people of her community.

Registration Clerk | Rewati Dhimal

For more than 20 years, Rewati has been the first point of contact at our clinic working behind the desk at Registration. She is the person to first greet patients, register them, provide them with an  appropriate registration card and collect payment. She then guides patients to their next destination at the clinic to receive treatment from one of our practitioners. Rewati loves working here because the patients and staff make it feel like one big happy family.


Finance Chief | Ishwori Shah

Ishwori has been the Finance Manager for FSB for the past 5 years. She handles the clinic’s budget and any finance-related work, including helping to prepare grants. She loves being able to serve the community.

Finance + Administration Assistant | Anjana Thapa Rayamajhi

Anjana works as the Finance and Administration Assistant. She helps with sending emails, maintaining employee books, recording finances as well as medical records and liaison with government and local agencies. She loves working with numbers and the friendly staff.

Store Officer | Sarita Basnyat

Sarita has been working at FSB for more than 27 years, previously as a clerk at the registration desk and the pharmacy, and now as the Store Officer. She manages the inventory of the many medical supplies necessary to keep the clinic running. This includes ordering and organizing supplies, and keeping records. She also helps in the pharmacy from time to time. Sarita fell in love with the environment when she first started working here many years ago, and has never looked back!

Helping Staff

Head Cook + Cleaner | Nirmala Adhikari

Nirmala has worked at FSB for more than 1 year and ensures the cleanliness of the clinic. She is very talented in cooking a delicious lunch for all the staff every day! She likes being able to work with an organization that serves the impoverished people of her community.

Assistant Cook + Cleaner | Binda Dulal

Binda assists with lunch-making and cleaning the clinic. She loves the work environment because everyone is like family and makes the job fun!

Maintenance + Office Assistant | Kancha Nagarkoti

Kancha is a skilled handyman and partakes in a variety of tasks including repair and maintenance work. He likes being able to work for an organization that cares for the impoverished people.